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Jan 16, 2023 - Ongoing


Topio is a platform that connects you to famous travel influencers who plan and outline customizable travel experiences based on what you like to do while adventuring. Users can explore destinations from all over the world, book unique travel plans and even customize all aspects of the trip with an intuative and modern UI.

  • UX Research
  • UI Design
  • Landing Page Design
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Aug 20, 2022 - Ongoing


AIXR - The Academy of International Extended Reality is a thriving membership community for VR/AR, Realtime & Web3 businesses internationally, where you can connect with other leaders, develop your skills, and be heard. At a time when great immersive companies have never been more important, the academy offers professional development, valuable connections, and influence.

  • UX Research
  • UI Design
  • Web App Development
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