run by big kids,
but no kidding!

What is Mouse
Potato Lab?

Mouse Potato Lab is a minimalistic design and development studio run by bunch of big kids with love for design and coding!
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What do we
do actually?

We love to solve complex problems and design, develop human centered, modern, and beautiful products.

We Are

A company run by a bunch of “big kids” with a dream bigger than the Great GRB Wall!

What have
we done?

We love what we do. All of our projects are result of our passion and hard work. Let our works talk for us.

pay in installments

We know the struggle. You have an amazing idea, passion and work ethics but not enough budget. We know how it goes. We have been there. Mouse Potato is here to help you. Pay 30% - 40% upfront and then pay the rest in installment. No interest, no late fee, nothing. Simple as that.

Ready to
talk to us?

We can’t wait to hear about your amazing idea. Feel free to drop us a line and get a free quote from us.

Why us, though?

We are serious about attention to detail; we want to ensure that we deliver a unique and fulfilling design for every client, every time. Our goal is to supply a finished product that will boost your business and give you a distinct presence that sets you apart among your competitors.