Risen Devices

Risen Devices


  • UX Research
  • UI Design
  • Development

Key Metrics

  • Web app and website launched

People are open to getting the wrong medical treatment if they are unable to communicate their preexisting medical conditions to medical professionals during an emergency


Design and develop a web app that allows a user to create a medical profile and connect it with a physical wearable devices. In an emergency situation, medical providers can scan the device and retrieve important information

Empathy Stage
User Interview

We interviewed EMT members, a captain of a fire department, a hospital nurse and a few emergency room nurses to understand their needs and struggles

Empathy Stage
User Persona

We created 4 user personas to capture all the potential ideal user types

Ideation Session

After identifying the problem statement, we had ideation sessions with our project stakeholders. We came upon the solution to have QR code bands that a medical professional can scan to retrieve medical information from a mobile dashboard

Empathy Stage
Identifying MVP Features

We used an impact/effort matrix to identify MVP features


We came up with two different wireframe solutions. We ran an A/B test to determine what was optimal

User Test

We ran two rounds of user tests with 15 users. We tested both potential solutions and chose the one with the best success rate

UI Design

We used a parallel design technique to come up with multiple solutions. We merged them into a final wireframe